Longevity Gains Power Guides

In addition to weekly newsletters, podcast episodes, and premium lessons, Longevity Gains is organized into concentrated topical “books” called Power Guides.

The first Guide is free to all subscribers — it’s the Longevity Economy Fundamentals ebook. Here are the chapters:

  • Introduction: Understanding the Longevity Landscape

  • Chapter 1: From Baby Boom to Longevity Boom

  • Chapter 2: It’s the End of Retirement as We Know It…

  • Chapter 3: The Longevity Economy is Already Here

  • Chapter 4: The Longevity Flywheel: Older Workers Become Coveted Consumers

  • Chapter 5: Ageism: We’ve Met the Enemy (And It’s Us)

  • Chapter 6: Why Empowerment Marketing Unlocks Success in the Longevity Economy

You can grab the ebook by signing up for a free subscription here.

The following Power Guides are available only to Premium subscribers.

How to Deeply Connect With Older Consumers

  1. How Do We Best Understand an Audience of Older People?

  2. The Steve Jobs Approach for Marketing to Older Adults

  3. The Role of Belief When Marketing to Older Consumers

  4. Belief Bubbles: How to Avoid the Worldview Backfire Effect

  5. The Six Key Psychological Elements for Longevity Marketing

The Empowerment Marketing Framework

  1. Why Movements Transcend Marketing in the Longevity Economy

  2. The Mission: Move Beyond “Niche Thinking” and Build a Meaningful Business

  3. How Founder-Problem Fit Powers the Mission-Driven Business

  4. The Movement: Here's How Successful Thought Leadership Happens

  5. The Empathy Advantage for Connecting With Older Consumers

  6. The Mentor: Three Keys to Empowering Your Prospects

  7. The Journey: What to Say to Convert Prospects Into Customers

  8. The Story: Changing the Narrative About Older Consumers

  9. How to Craft a Story that Reflects Your Winning Difference

  10. The Minimum Viable Audience Advantage with Older Consumers

The Leading Expert Persuasion Approach

Coming soon.

Creating “Long Life” Learning Courses

Coming soon.

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