"What to Say and How to Say It" When Marketing to Older Consumers

A step-by-step system for crafting winning content, killer copy, and persuasive email messages for audiences of people age 50 and older.

The word is out.

The biggest growth market in the world is made up of consumers over the age of 50. This is true today, and it will expand dramatically over the coming years and decades.

In fact, this is the fastest growing segment of the population period, given that we’re living longer, healthier lives combined with a drastic drop in birth rates.

​​We’re talking about what’s known as the “longevity economy”. It’s the $22 trillion opportunity you can’t afford to ignore.

People aged fifty and over already account for more than half of all consumer spending in the United States and 83 percent of household wealth, with both numbers expected to increase significantly.

And in just a short period of time, the largest economic group will be the population above age sixty, which will give rise to the “gray market”—the largest consumer bloc of all.

The opportunities are vast and ripe for the picking. But you have to understand what you’re getting into.

A Massive Demographic Shift, But …

… demographics won’t help you understand how to market to the vast variety of people over the age 50 and beyond.

Take a look at this demographic profile to see what you can understand about the person described:

This person is a male born in 1948 in the United Kingdom. He’s been married twice, is exceedingly wealthy and well-known, and lives in a castle.

Okay, this actually describes at least two different people: 

Former Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne and recently-crowned King Charles III.

Pretty much the same guy according to the demographics, right?

Imagine trying to market to these two gentlemen using the same strategy and messaging. A targeted bold message certainly won’t work on both of them, and any attempt to make the message generic would likely fail to entice either of them.

  • These two older men have entirely different lifestyles and worldviews.

  • They have radically different values and attitudes.

  • Any attempt to craft a message that appeals to both is doomed to failure.

It seems like an extreme example, but it’s really not. That’s because people who share mere demographic characteristics often don’t agree on much of anything.

Analysis shows that no matter what demographic bucket you look at – Baby Boomer, Gen X or Millenial, rich or poor, male or female, college-educated or not – on average, the people in each cohort will agree on a particular issue 10.5% of the time. 

That means they disagree 89.5% of the time!

It’s time to move beyond demographics, ironically just as we’re experiencing the largest age-based demographic shift in history.

Who Am I Anyway?

Hey there, I’m Brian Clark – a serial digital entrepreneur who has been exploring the vast opportunities in the longevity economy for the last five years after selling my former company.

Back in 2006, I founded Copyblogger, a pioneering voice in what became the $600 billion content marketing industry.

Between 2007 and 2017, I generated over $70 million in highly profitable revenue from the companies I launched to the Copyblogger audience, with products ranging from software-as-a-service and web hosting to courses, conferences, and membership communities.

Since those businesses were acquired, I’ve spent time training others on how I was able to bootstrap a company that did $12 million in profitable annual revenue. 

These have historically been expensive training programs costing $3,000 and up. My trainees were able to walk away knowing exactly “what to say and how to say it” for their particular businesses thanks to the strategic framework I provided them.

It’s the same strategic framework my team and I use on Further, which is aimed at people between the ages of 50 and 65. What I’ve learned through that experience has led me to start Longevity Gains.

Now I’m making that same strategy framework available to you… but in this case it’s specifically focused on serving older consumers — and at a tiny fraction of the original investment.

The Power of Values-Based Marketing

As human beings, we are neurologically hardwired to act based on our values. Our core human values are the driving force behind every decision we make. 

They determine what we choose, and why and how we behave. And that’s why value-based marketing messages are much more effective at prompting purchases than relying on demographic buckets that tell you very little about what motivates a particular prospect.

And this is why you must understand your ideal customer at the level of values and the attitudes that result from them. This bundle of beliefs makes up a unique worldview, which allows you to truly see things as they do and craft empathetic messages that work.

Your objective is to create a detailed profile of your ideal prospect that indicates how they think, feel, and see the world in the context of the problem you solve. You’ll use this profile to figure out each content element of their unique buyer’s journey (what to say) and the best way to communicate the information in each step (how to say it).

Our Empowerment Marketing Toolkit gives you a process for nailing down that intimate outline of your prospect, and the content and messaging they need to do business with you.

The Toolkit gets you there with two vital components – prompts and profiles.

Component One: Prompts

With the rise of generative artificial intelligence, you can’t escape hearing about “prompts.”

A prompt is simply a natural language instruction that describes the task you want an AI to perform. But prompts are also how we explain things to other humans, and extract insights from ourselves.

Prompts given to A.I. based on a particular topic can easily generate information (content), but when it comes to sparking a strong connection … not so much.

That’s because truly effective marketing operates not according to stale demographics or mere topical interests, but by beliefs

In other words, you need your prospect’s worldview and values to align with those of your brand to ensure they connect strongly with you. 

Once you figure this out, it doesn’t matter how you create your content and marketing messages. Whether you use generative A.I., ghostwriters, or freelancers …

… you must first personally provide the uniquely human prompts that guide the consistent creation of that content and those messages.

Great marketing messages are all about your prospects, but to become a market leader you must start with your core values and unique point of view first. This is one vital aspect that the Empowerment Marketing Toolkit helps you nail down.

Component Two: Profiles

No doubt about it… you must intimately understand your audience.

And this has never been more true given all the stereotypes and misconceptions involving older consumers.

Again, this isn’t about demographics. It’s more about how specific people view the world and the values and attitudes that guide their actions.

That’s why we’re providing you with the proprietary Worldview Profiles we use to craft winning personas both for our own digital properties and for our clients. 

These research-based profiles are a legitimate “shortcut” to clearly understanding your own worldview, and then using that perspective to develop your own audience archetypes and buyer personas.

We then take it a step further with our Positive Aging Profiles that represent 10 different personas of the most vibrant and lucrative older consumers. These are the people who are living longer, healthier lives and are looking to spend more for longer.

The combination of these two research-backed resources will allow you to nail down your own unique ideal audience persona is a fraction of the time.

5 Insightful Steps in 5 Productive Days

This unique combination of prompts and profiles gives you a step-by-step process for quickly understanding your ideal prospect at a deep level. Now it’s appropriate for us to also give you powerful generative A.I. prompts that actually give you deeper insights you can trust along with tons of content ideas.

We’ve taken what is often a laborious process and crafted a framework that allows you to get it done in five short days:

Day One: Mentor

First up, you need to position yourself as the solution-provider your prospect seeks. To be an effective mentor means understanding who your prospect wants to become, how you can elevate their status in their desired way, and what motivates them. This series of prompts gives you the relevant psychological mechanisms and a process for empowering your prospects.

Day Two: Mission

To become the natural choice for your prospect to do business with you, you have to demonstrate that you’re credible, share core values with the prospect, and are uniquely qualified to solve the problem or satisfy their desire. Our “leader-problem fit” methodology helps you clearly move your prospect beyond the status quo to a desirably “new normal” thanks to your solution. 

Day Three: Movement

The first two steps lead to the pivotal exercise of clearly defining who your ideal prospect is. We walk you through a manual process for putting yourself in their shoes, and then accelerate your progress by giving you the very Worldview and Positive Aging Profiles we use in our own business. You’ll start by recognizing your own worldview, which allows you to authentically lead your chosen ideal prospects.

Day Four: Journey 

Once you have crafted a personalized profile of your ideal customer, you can now smartly use generative artificial intelligence to discover content ideas and construct your buyer’s journey. Our prompts will allow you to quickly understand what your prospect is thinking, feeling, seeing, and doing, while identifying psychographic elements that lead to countless content ideas. We also show you how to do it manually!

Day Five: Story

The last step of the process allows you to step back and see the broader story you’re telling. With this perspective, you’ll use our F.A.S.T. Positioning Framework to ensure you’re presenting a unique solution that resonates strongly with your specific prospects. This in turn tells you how to present yourself in the most engaging manner, while also informing you on the types of hooks and angles that will work best.

Here’s What’s in the Toolkit:

When you “unbox” your Empowerment Marketing Toolkit, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Quick Start Guide (29 pages) to guide you through using the prompts and profiles.

  • Full Manual (83 pages) for in-depth explanation, instructions, and citations.

  • Five Worksheets that prompt you through each step of the process.

  • Eight (8) Worldview Profiles specifically tailored to older consumers.

  • Ten (10) Positive Aging Personas to refine your ideal customer profile.

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence prompts for finding endless content ideas.

  • Access to our Leading Expert community of fellow entrepreneurs and marketers.

  • Our proprietary A.I. Knowledge Base for answering your questions.

You’ll now have all the tools you need to craft winning content, killer copy, and persuasive email messages for audiences of people age 50 and older.

Here’s What People are Saying:

The Empowerment Marketing Toolkit is a brand new resource available for the first time. But several longevity economy entrepreneurs have gone though the process, and here’s what a few of them have to say:

As a copywriter, I know that “what you say and how you say it” matters. But words are worthless without the right strategic foundation. Brian’s process was invaluable in helping me nail the positioning and messaging for my new longevity economy business. It was the clarity I needed to launch My Aging Parents with confidence — and much sooner than expected.

Ethan Blumen, My Aging Parents

I was at a point in building my audience where I still wasn't clear about my positioning, how I fit, who my audience was, and how it was all going to go together. All the components of the process were really useful.

Susanna Hooper, Ever Betty

I help women over fifty design their most authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling second half of life, and Brian’s 5-step process helped me understand exactly what my audience needs from me in terms of content and empowering messages. The fact that I can engage with them as my authentic self feels amazing!

Linda Wattier, How She Thrives

What’s the Investment?

As mentioned above, this is the exact strategic process I’ve been teaching since 2018, always at a cost of thousands of dollars per student. There are two primary difference now:

  1. I’ve refined the process extensively based on trainee feedback; and

  2. I’ve tailored it specifically to older consumers and the longevity economy.

The only other difference is this is a “do it yourself” solution, with extensive instructions and reference materials. If you decide you want additional consultation of coaching in the future, we’ll be here to help.

Otherwise, it’s designed as a “plug and play” process that gives you the critical insights you need to craft winning content, killer copy, and persuasive email messages for audiences of people age 50 and older. And that means we can offer it at an amazingly affordable investment.

You can now find all the answers you need to discover “what to say and how to say it” for a one-time payment of only $150.

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They’ll be no worries at all, and we’ll stay friends. So… with all risk removed, let’s get started with your success in the longevity economy today!

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