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These are the big topical areas I’ll be covering for sure over the coming year:

1. The Empowerment Marketing Framework - “What to say and how to say it” by deeply understanding your audience of older people to create positive change for them.

I’ve already begun delivering lengthy lessons on the Empowerment Marketing Framework, which is a step-by-step approach to intimately understanding your prospects so you can deliver the right messages with the right voice.

When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the existing lessons to catch up. You’ll also get the entire 5-lesson Power Guide that sets the stage for the Framework: How to Understand an Audience of Older People.

2. The “Leading” Expert Persuasion Methodology - What you do before you start to sell is more important than your skill at “selling.” And that’s the power of creating and freely distributing content that creates positive attitudes toward you and the issues the audience needs to embrace. The result? You’ll become the obvious choice to do business with.

This is the education no one has seen from me before (and frankly, no one explains marketing and persuasion like this, which is why I’m doing it). I’ve always focused on strategy in the past, rather than getting into an actual content creation and copywriting “how to” course. That changes with this portion of your Premium membership.

3. Creating “Long Life Learning” Courses - Creating online education and training programs for older consumers in various later stages of life.

I’ve been teaching writers and content creators how to create paid training and coaching programs as both products and services since 2007. While the opportunities in the longevity economy are across that board, there’s going to be a massive need for online education that is tailored to the needs of older people. We’ll explore both the fundamentals and the unique aspects of the longevity market.

These topics are what I know I’ll deliver right now, and they cover three massive aspects of succeeding with older consumers. 

Still, I’m finding new and fascinating opportunities in the longevity economy constantly, and it’s truly exciting. And it’s my job to share these ideas and lessons with you.

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