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Longevity Gains
What to Say and How to Say It

What to Say and How to Say It

When it comes to communicating with older consumers, you have to throw demographics out the window and think in terms of movements and empowerment.

In last week’s premium lesson, Brian introduced the Empowerment Marketing Framework — a way to figure out what to say and how to say it when crafting messages for older consumers.

And he did it by talking about the power of thinking in terms of movements instead of marketing or audience. He elaborates on the importance of this mindset with a simple yet powerful message:

The status quo doesn’t need you.

Brian and Jerod also discuss:

  • Why movements are better than audiences, especially in the longevity economy

  • The enormous opportunity movements present to entrepreneurs and marketers

  • How movements deliver the essential elements that poor marketing efforts lack

  • Brian's personal history of carving out leadership in existing movements 

  • What is empowerment marketing?

  • How empowerment marketing differs from old school inadequacy marketing

  • What bad marketing gets wrong about The Hero's Journey metaphor

  • How the Empowerment Marketing Framework helps you determine the most effective way to guide your prospects

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Longevity Gains
Longevity Gains
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