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Longevity Gains
The New Longevity with Michael Clinton

The New Longevity with Michael Clinton

Getting older isn’t what it used to be. The big money today and into the future is in serving older consumers.

On this week’s episode of the show, we're talking to Michael Clinton. He was publisher of GQ Magazine from 1988 to 1994 before becoming an executive at Condé Nast until 1997. 

Clinton then joined Hearst Magazines as senior vice president and chief marketing officer. Beginning in 2010, Michael was the president, marketing and publishing director of Hearst Magazines and also served on the board of directors.

He’s also a photographer, has traveled through 124 countries, has run marathons on 7 continents, holds two master’s degrees, and still has a long list of life experiences that he plans to tackle.

Oh, did I mention that he’s 70? It’s easy to forget that part. Clinton is an example of the “new longevity,” and he’s actively helping to spread the word about the opportunities of the longevity economy.

After “retiring” in 2020, he remains as senior media advisor to the CEO of Hearst. But what he’s truly focused on is his next-phase venture – ROAR Forward, which complements the book he released in 2021 called ROAR into the second half of your life.

Tune in for some amazing insights into the longevity economy, including brand examples of who is getting it right, plus:

  • How Michael went from “$60 bucks in his pocket and no contacts” to the pinnacle of the magazine business

  • The “big disruption” that has affected newspapers, magazines, and now television – and how Michael helped his teams and brands navigate the changing landscape

  • Why Michael believes “you have to be a student every day” in your personal and professional life, and how he walks that walk himself

  • The motivation and opportunity that drove Michael to switch gears toward a second career after age 70 by writing the book ROAR.

  • Why now is such a good time for 50+ adults to “wind up” even while lagging societal stereotypes suggest they should wind down

  • The lessons Michael learned about what really motivates people to reimagine their future and find a second act

  • The importance of being fundamentally optimistic and curious about the future

  • How Michael’s feats of physical achievement have made him an “accidental role model” and mirror a larger societal shift in how older adults are portrayed

  • The other side of ROAR: how Michael hopes to help the C-suite understand the power of more empathetic messaging to the 50+ market

  • Why Michael is a proponent of the idea that Baby Boomers should spend their substantial collective wealth now, instead of just waiting to pass it on

  • The importance of “authentic representation” in all marketing and strategy, but especially in the 50+ market


Longevity Gains
Longevity Gains
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