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Becoming a “Leading” Expert in the Longevity Economy

Becoming a “Leading” Expert in the Longevity Economy

We now have a much more powerful concept to explain how a mindset involving movements, missions, and mentors can result in outsized success.

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Demonstrating your expertise is a powerful way to succeed with digital marketing. And that’s true as you venture into the longevity economy.

Sharing valuable content that addresses a prospect’s problem can earn you followers and fans thanks to powerful influence principles like authority, liking, and social proof. And if you have followers, that makes you a leader.

That’s the more important word in the concept of “thought leadership” – leader. The key to being seen as a leader has more to do with a shared identity with the people you’re looking to help than it does with your credentials or actual level of expertise.

That brings us to the concept of “leading expert,” which typically refers to the person with the best credentials. In this case, however, the emphasis is on being the “leading” expert – a person who is fighting against the status quo as part of a movement with business implications.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Happy 56th birthday to Brian!

  • A friendly reminder of why you should get a premium Longevity Gains subscription now (before the prices goes up on October 6th)

  • What does it mean to be a “leading expert”?

  • How Robert Cialdini tied his principles of influence together with the addition of the Unity principle in 2016

  • Why demonstrating your expertise beats claiming your expertise in the digital age

  • What is true “thought leadership” anyway?

  • Why the question of Founder-Problem Fit is more compelling (and important) than Product-Market Fit

  • Why focusing on your personal brand is much less effective in the long run than focusing on being a leading expert

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