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Is Nostalgia Effective When Marketing to Older Consumers?

Is Nostalgia Effective When Marketing to Older Consumers?

The surprising truth about the so-called "bittersweet" emotion of nostalgia.

We see a lot of nostalgia in marketing and advertising, because it turns out it’s less “bittersweet” than most people think. It makes most people feel positive emotions.

And the same is true with consumers over the age of 50, with some surprising twists that are unique to older people. But we’re not trying to call up “those were the days” kind of messages.

Instead, we’re trying to bond with our audience of older consumers in a powerful way. And nostalgia can help make that happen.

But be careful. As you’ll hear, poor execution of nostalgic messages can backfire spectacularly, especially with older people.

Tune to hear:

  • A brief reflection on the nostalgia of the holiday season

  • Is nostalgia actually a “bittersweet” emotion?

  • How Brian uses nostalgia in past and current projects

  • What the research shows about how older consumers respond to nostalgia 

  • Advice on the types of messaging marketers should avoid when using nostalgia

  • The problem inherent in an advertising industry that skews young trying to relate to older consumers


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