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Longevity Gains
The Art of Advocating for Older People

The Art of Advocating for Older People

One unique aspect of the emerging longevity economy is that it blurs the lines between marketing and advocacy. Find out how to pull it off the smarter way.

Modern marketing is all about empowering consumers to solve their problems and satisfy their desires. Try to make them feel bad about themselves with old-school inadequacy tactics, and they’ll click away.

And yet, that’s exactly what marketing and advertising to older consumers looks like (when it’s present at all). More than just stereotypes and misconceptions, this is due to ageism.

That means that in addition to the general anti-ageism movement that is gaining momentum daily, marketers and entrepreneurs who serve older people can find themselves in the role of advocates as well.

Do it well, and you’re part of the movement. Do it poorly, and it will backfire.

Tune in to hear:

  • The important reminder Jerod received on his dad’s 70th birthday

  • How the lines between marketing and advocacy get blurred in the longevity economy (and why that matters)

  • A list of prominent people who are helping lead the charge in the anti-ageism movement

  • The tricky line that must be toed when companies mix marketing with advocacy

  • A breakdown of Apple’s recent video that both advocates for the environment and promotes its own substantial list of environmental initiatives

  • The differences between advocacy advertising and advocacy marketing

  • Why advocacy is at the heart of commercial movements and thought leadership

  • A look back at the businesses Brian has founded over the last 20 years and how advocacy has been the throughline that connects them all

Longevity Gains
Longevity Gains
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