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Longevity Gains
“The Most Consequential Megatrend” with Futurist David Mattin

“The Most Consequential Megatrend” with Futurist David Mattin

Gain advanced insights into why the aging of the world population will literally change society and the economy in profound ways.

Why is futurist and trend forecaster David Mattin our first guest on the new Longevity Gains podcast? Well, it’s his job to see what’s happening, and what’s coming.

In his words:

The UN says that the global population aged 65 and over is growing faster than any other age group. In 2019, one in 11 worldwide was over 65; by 2050 it will be one in six.

It’s an unprecedented demographic change. And because it will shape our response to everything else, I’ve come to believe that it is the most consequential megatrend reshaping the decades ahead.

Listen in to hear this illuminating conversation on the Longevity Economy, including:

  • The economic and societal implications of elongated life spans and, more importantly, healthspans.

  • Why devising new models for lifelong learning is vital.

  • How the typical stages of life may need to be reexamined moving forward.

  • Why intergenerational tension is increasing … and why it’s crucial for this tension to ease moving forward.

  • Why professional tennis is a great analogy for the impact of advanced healthspans.

  • The curious case of the Baby Boomers and the cultural revolution of the 1960s, and why “youth power” may be more anomalous than previously thought.

  • How careers and content will change moving forward and why an increase in individual “micro-businesses” is likely.

  • What to make of the recent developments in anti-aging (and even age reversal) science.

  • The philosophical questions that are inevitable as people continue to live longer and longer.

David Mattin is an experienced broadcaster, writer, speaker, and an internationally recognized expert on trends, technology, and social change. Mattin is the creator of New World Same Humans, which reaches over 22,000 subscribers each week. In the newsletter David shares trends to supercharge incumbent organizations, helping clients learn a simple, powerful framework that empowers them to start spotting their own trends. 

David sits on the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Consumption, which brings together leading experts to imagine new futures for business and consumerism. He is also the co-host of What's NEXT and a contributing editor of Los Angeles Review of Books.
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Longevity Gains
Longevity Gains
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