Longevity Gains
Longevity Gains
Artificial Intelligence and the Longevity Economy
Artificial Intelligence and the Longevity Economy
Brian and Jerod discuss the potential effects of A.I. on older workers, and whether tools like ChatGPT are useful in crafting messages and content strategies for reaching older consumers.

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If there’s been one predominant question of 2023, it’s:

What effect will A.I have on ____________?

Some of you have already asked that question with regard to marketing to older consumers.

So, for the second episode of the Longevity Gains podcast, Jerod and I tackle that question from several angles. 

In the process we reveal just how unique the longevity market is, even as we highlight how artificial intelligence is going to take a while to fully reveal how disruptive it will be.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Brian's recent experience at Red Rocks with a legendary band adored by Gen Xers

  • What to expect from the Longevity Gains podcast and newsletter content moving forward

  • What will AI do to the demand for older workers (i.e. the longevity economy flywheel)?

  • The weaknesses of AI programs like ChatGPT when it comes to longevity marketing messages and content strategy

  • The human elements that AI simply cannot deliver (at least for the foreseeable future).

  • The emerging business opportunity for facilitating social connections among older adults

  • How AI will empower older workers to stay at their current job or leave to launch their own business

Longevity Gains

Longevity Gains

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