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That agism monster is alive and well in the fashion industry. I read this article celebrating using older models https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2023/oct/27/loewe-fashion-older-models-maggie-smith

I delighted in reading this article about older models in fashion. the authors have hit the new trend early and with accuracy.

Our public viewpoint is massively distorted by the images advertisers choose to use for marketing. Almost without exception they are youthful.

I run a business selling sport training plans and education to older athletes in rowing. Most choose to compete and many stay fit for lifestyle and health reasons. We find friendships and purpose from our rowing endeavours. My customers are ‘normal’ midlife people who find purpose and benefit through outdoors activity.

The patronising attitude from marketers and fashion magazines who “celebrate” using one older model, once a year in their work is nauseating. Why not every edition, every campaign?

After all, we are the generation with the money, the time, and the diversity to really make a difference to their brand profits!

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